I write poetic and paint the sky

phenotypical  a bird, a plane, a poet  personal work.   questions?   
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this was my favourite panic! at the disco era

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when someone steals food from your plate


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Everyone has a 2am and a 2pm personality. I’m more interested in the monster you become at 2am rather than the human being you pretend to be at 2pm. (via stay-ocean-minded)

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Don’t kiss me if you’re afraid of thunder. My life is a storm. Anita Krizzan (via quotethat)

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There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs. Unknown   (via l-eer)

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I’m holding a charity event tonight for people who can’t reach orgasm.

If you can’t come let me know.

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i see you

1. when a black person has deducted the reasoning behind your scheme

2. when a black person rationalizes your reasoning. 

3. When a black person wants you to know that they’re impressed by your.. Style, job, car you drive, project you’re working on, etc, etc

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